Welcome to the Black Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s new website. It has been in the works for months. We hope you find it helpful in your pursuit of the truth. To start this blog off on the correct foot I wanted to revisit some of the things that make the Black Hills UU’s special. Let’s assume you know nothing about the Black Hills. We can begin there.

The Black Hills is an ancient mountain range on the western border of South Dakota. The Lakota people have held the Black Hills (Paha Sapa) as a sacred place for hundreds of years and it has been called “the largest public graveyard” by one of our Native American members as it holds the remains of their ancestors and has held them for hundreds of years.

Within 10 minutes someone driving west from the foothills that start in Rapid City will be immersed in the Ponderosa pine forests that blanket the ancient mountains. Rivers and streams meander their way down the mountain and spill into small mountain lakes alive with trout. The wild life in the Black Hills includes Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Mountain Lions, Turkey, Big Horn Sheep, and Mountain Goats. Hawks, Owls, Eagles, Grouse, Kingfisher, Herons are common visitors to the Black Hills.

For humans, the Hills offer trails for hiking, camping, and some off-road vehicles. Trails run from Lead/Deadwood in the North to Wind Cave National Park in the South. The trails vary in length from 1.5 miles to over 100 miles long. The Mickelson Trail stretches over 100 miles and is a favorite for mountain bikers.

We, the Black Hills Unitarian Universalists, find our spiritual interests complement our curiosity about the world around us. We find comfort in the natural. We are hikers and campers. We are hunters and outdoors people. Our worldview reinforces our commitment to change. We work to limit the harsh effects of mining and oil production that affect our natural beauty. We work to preserve the rights of individuals and the indigenous peoples that live alongside of us. Our commitment to justice for people and equality of people in our community distinguishes the BHUUF as an active liberal voice in a conservative environment.

Please join us in this life adventure where we are empowered through the natural to actively live the Seven Principles in our home, the Black Hills of South Dakota.