An Evening With Jim Scott

A few weeks ago, the evening of Tuesday in June, Jim Scott graced our fellowship with his music and stories. Jim is a composer, guitarist and singer. He has committed his music to a celebration of peace, and justice, and a green earth. He is perhaps best known to UUs as the author and composer of "Gather the Spirit," number 347 in our hymnal.

As an amateur guitarist for 51 years, I have a deep appreciation for the skilled playing of that instrument. The concert last Tuesday did not disappoint. Jim has been a member of the Paul Winter Consort for years. He moved easily through the various styles of folk, blues, Latin rumba and high-brow classical. His command of his guitar, and the passion in his soul, and his lovely singing voice, all combined to create a musical event that touched our own souls.

And, in true coffee-house fashion, Jim interspersed his music and singing with stories about musicians he has known and with whom he has performed. Jim told stories about Pete Seeger, even supplying the audience with impersonations of Seeger's voice, and descriptions of Seeger's eccentricities. It was an evening I will remember for a long time. Big "thank you's to Katie Frooman and Ken Vogele for making all the arrangements for this concert, including an impressive display of snacks at intermission set out by Katie.

You can stay in touch with Jim's work and travels by finding Jim on